Terms and Conditions


This service is for your personal use only and is not for use by anyone other than youin respect of your credit report information. Any information supplied is also donewithin the guidelines of the Fair Reporting of Credit Act 2016.

By ordering a Credit product or service, you also confirm you are requesting a copy ofyour own consumer credit related information and that the details you have suppliedare true and correct. You understand it is an offence under the law to misrepresentyour identification and improperly access a Credit product or service that is not yourown and a breach may result in a penalty or imprisonment. You understand that yourcredit information is current as at the time of request for a copy, and unless you havesought a credit alert from us you may need to order a report again in the future to getthe most up-to-date information.

Whilst CIRA provides the service of credit reporting with due care and skill, youagree and acknowledge that:

a. the information in your Credit Report product or service is supplied to all parties“as is” and may contain errors, be incomplete, be inaccurate or out of date because itis compiled from private sources (e.g. third party creditors) or public informationsources (as the law permits) which is not independently verified by CIRA; and

b. because of the way that information is lawfully obtained, CIRA cannot, and doesnot guarantee or warrant the correctness, completeness, merchantability or fitnessfor   a   particular   purpose   of   any   information   obtained   or   derived   through   or   inconnection with your Credit product or service.

The information collected from you when you order a Credit product or service willbe used for identity verification (to ensure that the correct report is accessed) andmay be held and used to update your contact details or identification information.

For questions about your report (after you have ordered it), please contact CIRA ontelephone number + 679 3300 377. Please note that CIRA’s consultants will not beable   to  discuss   your  report   unless  you   have  already  obtained   it   and   are   able   toidentify the areas of concern.

If you have a correction to make, please be aware that you may need to provide CIRAwith evidence of the details to be corrected. In some circumstances, clarification mayneed to be obtained from a credit provider prior to the matter being finalized.

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