My Credit File (Personal/Consumer)


Credit is an important part of our daily lives. It's used when you apply for loans, hire purchase, buy a car, house and much more. A credit report shows how well you have honoured your credit commitments, and it's assessed when you apply for new credit. It can be a valuable asset for you! You can be proactive by checking that your details are correct and addressing any negative information that may be showing.

Here at CIRA we strive to provide accurate and up to date information from providers to help you make informed decisions.

Attached is a sample of what your credit report may look like.

Starting April 1st, consumers will have the opportunity to request their own credit reports, marking a significant step in financial transparency and empowerment. This initiative aims to provide individuals with greater insight into their credit standing, fostering informed financial decisions and enhancing overall financial literacy. By accessing their credit reports, consumers can review their credit history, identify potential discrepancies, and take proactive measures to improve their financial health.

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