Q1. Who is CIRA? 
The Credit Information Reporting Agency Pte Limited [CIRA] is a Fijian owned registered private company that has been set up solely for the purpose of providing up to date accurate credit information reporting services for businesses and consumers in Fiji.

Q2. What is the role of CIRA in credit reporting?
Ans. CIRA will collect, collate and process credit data in a timely manner for credit reporting to all registered members and consumers. This credit information will be provided by Credit Information Providers (CIPs)

Q3. Who is responsible for the accuracy of data? 
All CIP’s and CIRA. All registered CIP’s will conduct their own internal checks before uploading data and CIRA will conduct regular checks for confirmation. CIP’s and CIRA will work within the guidelines of the Act and the regulator RBF.

Q4. How often can the latest information be uploaded for credit reports? 
The CIRA system allows for daily uploading of data and all CIPs will be made aware that they have 24-48 hours to upload updated data.

Q5. What are the actions taken for errors (credit information entered) from customer of CIRA/are there any fines?  
Ans. CIRA has a Complaints Procedure in place to address customer complaints. All complaints will be handled by senior management of CIRA and if needed RBF will also be involved. Any fines charged are those covered in the Fair Reporting of Credit Act 2016.

Q6. Can all my credit information be stored onto the CIRA system? 
Ans. Before any information can be uploaded onto the CIRA system you must give your consent. If consent is given then only information on debts which is over 60 days old and above $300 can be loaded.

Q7. What are the business hours that CIRA will be available for customer support? 
Ans. Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Q8. How do I obtain a copy of a Credit Report?
For businesses/companies they will need to register with RBF as a CIP or CRR (Credit Report Recipient) and become a CIRA member before they can obtain a report. Individuals can only collect their own report at a cost, but will first need to provide relevant IDs and also give consent.

Q9. How secure is the information stored with CIRA
Apart from the security provided by third party server hosting company (with business contingency backup) CIRA also will have inbuilt security including encryption.

Q10. What is a monitor service? 
Ans.This is a service available to CIP’s and CRR’s only. It is an alert service which will notify members once there is a search/upload conducted by members on selected companies/consumers.


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